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3 Ways You Didn’t Know Hydration Could Affect Your Skin!

A few years ago I was lamenting to my makeup artist sister about a dry patch on my otherwise oily and acne prone face. I felt like I had tried every product in the drugstore to dry up the oil and scrub away the dry patch. Up until that point in my adult life, skin care had taken a serious back burner to raising 5 babies😂

She solved my problem in the blunt yet loving way that she always does.

“The answer to all of those issues is that you need more moisturizer, and a good one at that!”

She explained that my oily skin was probably due to the fact that it was overproducing oil because I was stripping it of moisture so badly with my astringents to dry up oil. Super ironic.

The breakouts were related. Pretty much my skin was just rebelling from my efforts. .

About a month after our talk I discovered SeneGence and started using our skincare line. Joni Rogers-Kanye knew what she was doing when she started this company and developed the products. ALL of our skincare is designed to deliver the most hydration in a “clean” form that won’t clog or irritated our skin...and isn’t greasy at ALL.

I often take it for granted now, after using it for almost 3 years. I take for granted the fact that my skincare feels like I’m not even putting anything on my face, that it’s not greasy feeling, and the fact that I don’t deal with the skin issues I used to deal with! Plus I don’t have to futilely search the drugstores for products I’m not sure will work.

Here’s my three favourite products for hydration:

💕Facial Resurfacer: gently sloughs off dead skin cells to allow skin care to soak in to the deep layers of skin. It contains volcanic ash that purifies your skin too!

💕Climate Control: contains sodium hyaluronate, which is pretty much a. Sponge for hydration, and delivers it to the deeper layers of skin. It helps rebuild collagen too!

💕Daytime Moisturizer: non greasy and SO silky! It comes in three formulas depending on how oily or dry your skin is.

Ready for the softest skin of your life? Comment with your email for a free sample of our skin care!

Want to skip that step and jump right in? Shop our skincare here!

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