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Precious Moments in Parenting

Did anyone ever read that article that went around a few years ago about “you’ll never know which time will be the last time?”

I read it, and it stuck with me hard. I read it while Sadie was a baby (so I guess it was more than a few years ago lol). The basis of the article is that how as your kids grow up, you almost never know when will be the last time you do certain things, like wash their hair for them, or rock them to sleep. Yeah, the article made me bawl like a baby 😩

Soon after, I nursed Sadie for the last time. I do remember that “last” because it was 2 in the morning and I just knew I was done lol. That was in September.

After that, Daniel had to rock her to sleep for a few weeks to make weaning easier. One night he came into our room after putting her down and told me how much he enjoyed rocking her and how sad he would be the last time she let him. I replied with “you won’t know when it’s the last time” More tears😩

2 months later, in November, I moved the rocking chair out of her room because we hadn’t used it in over a month.

Over the years I have periodically forgotten about that article. Then this week I bent down to scoop her up for a hug and realized with a big grunt that I could NOT swing her up like that. I can’t just pick her up by her armpits anymore.

Once again, we have quietly passed another “last time” as she grows up. She has crossed from little kid to big kid.

She’s our last and the realization carries so much more weight than it has with the other girls.

I love watching the girls grow up, but man, the emotions that come along with it are REAL!

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