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Why a Basic Skincare Routine is Important and How to Start One

Are you overwhelmed by the flood of conflicting info when it comes to skincare? I get it.

My goal is to simplify it. Simplifying things down to bullet points (or as close as I can to bullet points) helps me process information better, and I'm hoping it will help me relay the info to you too!

Don't forget, most skincare information is also marketing a product or service. This doesn't mean the info is wrong, it just means we need to be discerning when looking at it, and don't take anything as gospel truth without verifying it from a few different sources.

I do sell skincare as my job, but this info is universal across the board, no matter which brand you use!

On that note, let's talk skincare, shall we?

We all want good skin, and we would like our skin to hold off on showing the signs of aging as long as possible, right? Perfect.

The goal here is healthy skin that works as efficiently as possible to shed dead skin cells and reveal fresh new ones. Our body does it pretty well on it's own, but between urbanization, the SUN, and pore clogging makeup, we don't really give it a fighting chance to do what it needs to do.

So we want to facilitate a cleaner, gentler environment for our skin to work the way it needs to. It's simple to do, and doesn't require lots of steps.

In fact, if all you ever do is the four steps outlined in this graphic, your skin will thank you with a more radiant, healthier complexion!

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The key is to keep it simple, use high quality ingredients, and more importantly, consistent. Damaged skin doesn't become radiant healthy skin overnight, or even in a month. It's a real commitment! Thankfully it's a commitment that helps me feel so much better every night, so that makes it easier to stick to.

Now, let's give our skin some love!


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